Congratulations on your engagement!
I am so excited for you both. I want to let you, the bride and groom, know that I recognize what a busy time a wedding can be. Finding a venue is usually the first step a couple takes in planning their wedding. I want to make your choice an easy one.  I offer a one hour consultation with you and your families.You will receive a tour of our venue which includes pictures of different floor plans for your ceremony and reception. At the end of the tour, I will detail the planning services we also provide.  If you choose to have your event at Casa Bella Village I will provide a preferred vendor list along with ideas on how to make your day go smoothly and enjoyably. - Ambre

Please call me to make an appointment:

(904) 887-8240

We are looking forward to finding you the perfect place to have your ceremony. These are the sites we think our bride's will love. 

If you have another place in mind, we are the ideal place for a wedding reception or rehearsal dinner.