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Kevin Tos Bio Kevin Tos enjoys helping a bride/groom plan an event from scratch.  He is a professional DJ with a talent for making the music flow well. And boy is he in demand! He plays every venue that I can think of —from Suite, Lemon Bar and Latitute 360′ to name a few.

Retail: $800.00

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Y? Entertainmentdomain1p facebook27g

David Hanscom, knows how to motivate and entertain an audience with more than just the music. He knows to utilize creativity and personality to make every event a fun experience.
Estimated Price: $595.00-$895.00


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Bobby Spencer has 20 years of experience as a DJ. He loves to have fun and laugh. I really like having him at events because he is positive and helpful to the bride and groom.
Estimated Price: $600.00-$800.00


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With over 20 years of experience as a professional DJ, Moses Henry is guaranteed to play to the liking of any guest. He has a smooth and relaxed style that I dig. What a cool guy to have as the Master of Ceremonies.
Estimated Prices: $500-$700