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Brett is the owner of the Bono’s Location on 3rd Street in Jacksonville Beach. The prices are great for the quality of meat. They food is always hot and comes in nice silver chaffing dishes. Brett takes time to make sure he understands the itinerary and is very professional.


Tacoludomain1p facebook27gmenu21

Tacolu has the biggest and best selection of Fresh Tacos in Jacksonville Beach. They have a fresh take on Baja Mexicana. It is pure fun and they serve their food with a unique flare. They use clay pots as food display dishes and have lots of unique decor that can be used to spice up the buffet table.
Estimated Prices: 10.00-12.00 per person


Carrabasdomain1p menu21

Carrabbas is always a favorite of mine. Just the smell of the Chicken Bryan makes me hungry. They can do bar tending services as well and supply you with servers too.


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If you are looking for a chef who cares and a staff that is professional, then NBB is a good fit. They have a Bistro in Atlantic Beach with the best chicken satay and they can create a yummy display of specialty cheeses and meats. This place will satisfy my foodie bride.
Estimated Pricing: 2,000-3,500


PJ’s domain1p facebook27gmenu21

PJ’s food embraces many flavors and cuisines.   Jennifer is a pleasure to work with and will help you feel at ease and customize the perfect menu.
Pricing: $1,100-2,000

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Sliders Jax Beachdomain1p facebook27gmenu21

Based on 4 hour bar tending service  (tipping allowed)

  • Just need a bartender and Host provides all bar essentials  $150
  • Host provides alcohol: Up to 50 Guests $350; 50-75 Guests $425; 75-100 Guests $500; 100-125 Guests $575
  • We provide: Bartender, Bar supplies and tools, Cocktail napkins, All mixers- coke, diet coke, ginger ale, club soda, tonic, orange juice, cranberry, pineapple, Garnish- limes, cherries, lemons, Ice for serving drinks, Plastic Stemware, Glassware package starting at $.99 per person
  • Premium Bar Package: Please call for a free quote